Yaouzaki Restaurant - Cafe in Ipsos Corfu.

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About Yaouzaki Restaurant - Cafe.

Yaouzaki is set up with a beautiful view of the sea next to the waves, in the colors we love white , petrol and red. Not only have we created a beautiful warm atmosphere inside , but outside as well with  beautiful flowers that smell of Greece.

Our food is always fresh because we love great tasting cuisine , specially the Greek cuisine that is made with Greek products. We are a especially fond of fish due to our location. Fish that we get from local fishermen every day.

Of course we don’t want to disappoint anyone so at Yaouzaki you will find all kinds of dishes.Our chef surprises us every time with his desserts  , creating something different everyday.

For the fans of good wine , you will find a large collection at very good prices. The same goes for ouzo and tsipouro!

Good prices for everyone  because our goal is for you to enjoy our dishes and become your new hang out spot!

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Yaouzaki's Manager

Ioannis Konstantinou
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Mob: +30.6971789525
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Email: sohoipsos@hotmail.com
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