Als Restaurant in Ipsos Corfu.

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About Als Restaurant

At Ipsos overlooking the blue Ionian Sea is located our restaurant. Here you will taste the freshest seafood well cooked and served in our beautiful parlor.

Traditional dishes such as our Bourdeto, Pastitsada, Sofrito, Lamb Kleftiko you will be able to enjoy every day and after dinner you can enjoy your drink in the low light of the stars. The restaurant \"ALS\" is built on the sea.

In this beautiful and friendly environment we expect to satisfy you with traditional Mediterannean Greek dishes made ​​with local produce and cooked to local recipes. Fresh fish and seafood from the waters of the Ionian Sea, cooked Corfiot dishes and roasts.

Taste with your meal excellent locally produced wines. Impeccable service, family atmosphere, excellent prices.

Come to meet you and treat you.

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Email: pvradi@yahoo.gr
Website: http://www.restaurantals.com/
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