AB Super Market in Ipsos Corfu.

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About AB Super Market.

AB Supermaket

AB Private Label Products
AB puts its signature on a wide range of Private Label products, in every category, to meet all your daily requirements.

Discover them!

AB boasts a wide variety of food, detergents, cleaning products, stationery, soft drinks, juices and wines, of comparable quality to the top well-known brands on the market, with savings of up to 40%.

AB close to Greek nature
Exquisite tastes produced exclusively for AB in the most renowned areas of Greece. A vast range of traditional products including olive oil, pulses, pasta, nuts, teas, honey, olives, olive paste, rice, spoon sweets, top quality mastic from Chios… all 100% Greek.

AB choice
A line of exceptionally fine tasting products, of outstanding quality, produced from pure raw materials and by selected producers to the most stringent quality standards. Yellow and white cheeses, meat and cold cuts, dairy products, frozen pies, pastries, produced in accordance with the most stringent quality assurance systems.

AB bio
All categories of Bio or organic products: fresh, processed and perishable goods. Produced without any synthetic or chemical fertilizers, pesticides or hormones, using instead milder, environmentally-friendly, agri-environmental production methods.

AB fresh meat
A wide range of cut and packaged fresh meat: Beef, Veal, Young beef (8-12 months), Pork, Turkey, which complies with the most stringent standards of the AB Quality Cycle, being subjected to systematic daily quality control at all stages of production: from pre-selection of products until after-sale.

AB terra Leaf 
Environmentally-friendly cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, stationery and bin bags, approved by the corresponding certification bodies.

AB for Home
Ready meals for any time and everyday. Cooked with quality materials and extra virgin oil. Delicious, healthy products packed in protective atmosphere. All the information regarding nutritional value have been added on the packaging.

AB Kids
Guided by animals heroes, AB presents modern packaging of healthy products for children. The range includes food, cosmetics, fresh and healthy products.

Everyday products offered Europe-wide at low prices, 365 days a year. Created to offer high quality, low-cost products that meet your daily needs, all year round

Personal care and hygiene products, clothing and homeware produced to Pan-European quality standards at competitive prices.

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